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  • Odace

    Seria łączników i gniazd Odace

    Sterowanie oświetleniem, które nadaje kolor i życie każdemu pomieszczeniu

    Nowoczesna i innowacyjna gama przełączników światła i gniazd elektrycznych, które pozwalają spersonalizować Twoje wnętrze w najdrobniejszych szczegółach


    • The Odace switch and socket range is designed for rooms that demand to be noticed. Offering a wide choice of designs and practical accessories, Odace lets you mix and match colors and combinations, to ensure your home interior matches you.

    • Odace Styl: The natural feel. Circle or square? Timeless or modern? Urban dwellers who love nature and the great outdoors will get a charge out of this wood-toned color palette and materials particularly crafted from sustainable resources.

    • Odace Touch: Comes in a selection of anthracite and aluminum finishes for an elegant, soothing sensory experience.

    • Odace You: Personalize your interior. Odace You gives you the opportunity to change the look of your switch according to your taste and mood and can be delivered with uni-colored or patterned inserts.

    • Odace Wiser Lighting: Simplicity is Wiser. A breeze to set up, this wireless system brings together modern, intuitive design and state-of-the-art technology – making it simple for you to set the scene.

    • Functions are available in white, aluminum, anthracite, and cover the following needs: 

    • Lighting and roller blind/shutter management. Increased comfort and energy savings thanks to wired/wireless technology (radiofrequency system)

    • Connectors: voice, data, and images

    • Odace offers innovative accessories for home occupants - including USB power supplies, cell phone support, FM tuner, HDMI, Universal dimmer, Bedside reading lamps etc.

    • The Odace range of wireless switches and controls offer the added benefit of hassle-free upgrades. The simplicity of all-in-one lighting and blind control, Odace Pluslink is simple and intuitive, and requires no special software or training to install.

    • Odace also offers new features for contractors:

    • From roller shutter controls to thermostats and motion sensors, the Odace range includes smart features for greater comfort and energy savings—something your customers are sure to appreciate.


    The Odace range of electrical fittings lets you equip your home with practical, ergonomic solutions for the ultimate in comfort, safety and connectivity.

    • Safe and reliable: Every device is individually factory tested.
    • Simple: Odace wiring devices are designed for easy installation
    • Innovative: Odace blends technology with stylish design
    • Green: Odace can cut your energy costs, designed and manufactured to be as environmentally friendly as possible, and can be either fully automated or individually adjusted to create the perfect ambience and avoid wasting energy.


    Odace lighting controls are designed for the following applications in the European market:
    • Residential
    • Hotels
    • Hospitals
    • Offices

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